Topi Still celebrates while bringing a run home at Napapesis' game of finnish baseball. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

Valtteri, 8, met his idol Mr. Lordi who was on his way to get vaccinated. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

Simo Roiha came back to his hometown club RoPS and started to score goals again. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

Topi Still of Napapesis and the whole Oulun Lippo Juniorit -team were sure that they were right on finnish baseball game. Topi kept celebrating after referee made the call. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

Jere Tanninen, 19, has been working as forest entrepreneur for several years already. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

Finland's Eurovision representative Blind Channel played live for the first time after ESC at Kemi. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

RoPS' Kimi Isometsä's attempt is nullified by KuPS defender. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

Jani Johansén enjoys outdoor life at Rovaniemi. Edge Ski Magazine. 2021.

Tatu Terho goes through Lapland's national parks and reserves documenting needs for renovations to huts and other structures. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

Mari Mäkiranta photographed men on her home street. The apartments where most of the men lived were soon demolished after the project was done. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

FF Jaro's Samuel Uusitalo disagrees with the red card. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

Finnish Air Force's pilot getting ready for flight during ACE 21 -exercise. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

Asta Uotila goes through clothes brought to Finnish Red Cross' flea market at Rovaniemi. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

Freelance web developer Hannu Jaakkola works from Lapland during winters. 2020.

Matthijs Overhaal didn't see himself boxing before moving to Lapland. 2020.

Simon Kiri tried to steal points on their 95th anniversary game against league leaders Oulun Lippo. Lapin Kansa. 2021.

15 years of traveling around Finland selling vacuum bags. Unreleased. 2020.

Farmer Esa Teerijoki with his Highland Cattle. Uusi Rovaniemi. 2017.

Antti Rikkilä spends his nights grooming the slopes of Pyhätunturi Ski Resort. Pyhä.fi. 2018.

Punk band Puhelinseksi. Uusi Rovaniemi. 2016.

Former national team runner Esko Parpala ended up continuing family business. Uusi Rovaniemi. 2017.

Topmar is ready for her first Kuninkuusravit championship, the biggest harness racing championship in Finland. Uusi Rovaniemi. 2017.